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The Buddy System

There is nothing quite like it. Surfing is a way of being connected to a deeper deep, an older old.

I’m Never Fine

“As a proponent of transparency, especially one who stands in opposition to the demonization of feeling, I can’t—I won’t—use the word anymore.”

Age, Sex, Location

Chatrooms taught me everything I needed to know about what real people were like before I had to grow up and become one of them.

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Big Love

There are many kinds of love stories. This one involves a woman and an elephant, and the bond between them spanning nearly 50 years.

All True At Once

You made a fool of the words “feminine” and “masculine” — you were neither, you were both. 

Bad Tape

What I learned about judgment from a car thief, a bank robber, and a mysterious VHS.

The Squad

When Johna Ramirez’s son joined a popular circle of YouTube “kidfluencers,” it seemed like a Hollywood dream come true. But for these tweens, fame and fortune came at a cost.

Things That Able Me

Disability is not the same as vulnerability; I have been deemed broken, but am not fragile. And when I raise my voice in service of my needs, I am teaching others to do the same.


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